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SHERBROOKE Health Expertise Center (CESS)

The Centre d'expertise en santé de Sherbrooke (CESS) is a non-profit organization that identifies, selects, and generates innovative initiatives in clinical environments and in research to transform these initiatives into training, added-value and commercial products and services.

Therefore, the marketing and the development of the SMAF tool are led by the CESS.

The CESS contributes to the improvement of the quality of the Quebec health network by promoting developments in research and clinical practices made by its founding partners - The Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS), the Centre de santé et de services sociaux - Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Sherbrooke (CSSS-IUGS) and the Université de Sherbrooke (through its faculty of medicine and health sciences).

With the strategic alliance of these three great health institutions, the CESS benefits from a unique network of experts, researchers, and clinicians.


Because of the increasing number of implementations of the SMAF tool in France, the CESS has established a European subsidiary.  The CESS-Europe team, whose business address is located in Lyon, is able to intervene in all departments, to establish collaboration agreements with various European partners and to ensure the implementation of projects nationwide.  

Intellectual Property


Hopem owns the right to commercialize the iSMAF software in America and Europe. In close collaboration with the Centre d'expertise en santé de Sherbrooke (CESS), we work to achieve the deployment and the valorization of the SMAF tool.

All the intangible assets held by the CESS rest on copyrights.  The CESS is also the owner of trademarks registered in Canada and in the European Union.  The protection afforded by the law on copyrights and trademarks represents an important asset to the CESS, but also for users who are assured of the product's quality, of its unique and innovative character, and of its promoter's professionalism.

In addition to the protections afforded by copyright and trademarks, the CESS harnesses the expertise of an experienced multidisciplinary team and of the research team from the CSSS-IUGS Research Centre on Aging involved in the development of the SMAF tool.  Thanks to this close collaboration with researchers, the components of the SMAF tool are scientifically validated prior to distribution and marketing.



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Did you know that...

In Quebec, more than 12 300 professionals were trained on the SMAF and use it on a daily basis.