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The SMAF tool is based on an independent living philosophy and its use involves orienting intervention objectives towards achieving optimal independence for people.  Thus, the evaluator measures the actual performance of the individual and the potential to optimize this performance in order to develop interventions that overcome the disabilities without performing activities or actions that the person is still able to perform on his/her own.

In addition, the SMAF tool is part of a quality approach.  The tool is not limited to the evaluation of needs in a health care environment or in a personal care service agency.  It also establishes a multidisciplinary mobilization of all professionals and caregivers in the team towards the identification of personalized intervention objectives and the establishment of standardized Professional practices.

At the administrative level, it allows to adjust the services to the needs of the clientele.



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Did you know that...

In Quebec, more than 12 300 professionals were trained on the SMAF and use it on a daily basis.