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  • A tool used to measure the autonomy of individuals on a social functioning level
  • Includes 6 assessment items

Based on research from the CSSS-IUGS Research Centre on Aging, the Social-SMAF is designed to support healthcare professionals to better assess the social functioning of people with disabilities. The Social-SMAF is the 6th dimension of the SMAF.

The Social-SMAF measures the autonomy of individuals on a social functioning level according to these 6 items:

  • Social and leisure activities
  • Social relations
  • Social resources
  • Social roles
  • Attitudes
  • Self-expression

The assessment is then used to improve the intervention plans by further integrating the social aspect of the individual.



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Did you know that...

In Quebec, more than 12 300 professionnals were trained on the SMAF and use it on a daily basis.